iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System Review

One of the best hydroponics growing system….

The Hydroponics Growing System with 7 pods is made for planting herbs and vegetables in water without soil, resulting in more rapid growth.

Two nutrient solutions provide the elements needed for veggies growth.

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The sponges made of biology peat, giving plants a place to grow and absorb nutrients.

The hydroponics garden kit requires no soil, ensuring a natural and green experience free of contaminants.

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

The hydroponics garden kit features effective full-spectrum lamps, which include White, Blue and Red LED lights.

Red Light is essential for the growth of stems, the expansion of leaves, and the regulation of flowering, dormancy periods, and germination.

Blue Light affects the chlorophyll content present in the veggies as well as leaf thickness.

White Light is designed to mix the blue light and red light, reducing the light stimulation.

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No Seasonal Limitations for Growing Veggies

The germination kit with 7 pods supports up to 7 Veggies at a time. The garden kit includes two sets of solid, all-natural nutrients (enough for a full season of growth).

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Always fresh, always local, and always in season. Cook delicious meals throughout the year with fresh vegetables and fruits.

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Important Features:

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System
  •  This indoor garden germination kit is designed with a water circulation system, increasing the oxygen in the water.
  • Growing in the nutrient water faster than soil. You have total control over the weather all year round.
  •  The 24-Watt LED lights of the hydroponics growing system simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting veggies photosynthesis in any weather.
  • This indoor gardening with veggies can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom, or office.
  • The height of the lighting part of the hydroponics growing system can be adjusted for veggies at different growth stages, helping veggies absorb energy from LED lights and promoting growth.
  • You can simultaneously grow as many as 7 plants up to 13.4 inches with the 7 included pods.
  • 2 water pump circulation modes: In normal mode, the water pump works for 5 mins and pauses for 30 mins.
  • Switch the water pump to sleep mode by long-pressing the “PUMP SWITCH” for 5 seconds.
  • The water pump will turn off for 12 hours and will then return to the normal cycle.

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Growth Stages

3 Smart Modes for Different Growth Stages:

  • NORMAL MODE: 14h-on-and-10h-off-cycle, with red & blue & white, LED lights, suitable for germination, bloom, viewing stage.
  • GROW MODE: 16h-on-and-8h-off-cycle, with red & white, LED lights, for germination and viewing stage.
  • ENJOY MODE: 12h-on-and-12h-off-cycle, with 50% red & white LED lights, good for germination, bloom, viewing stage. Lights will be less noticeable in this mode.
iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

You can enjoy a deep sleep in the same room as your home garden.

The indoor garden kit is an educational gift for children, helping them to observe the process of growth.

Parents and grandparents will also love year-round fresh veggies.

This amazing system has 4.4 out of 5 stars as a customer review on Amazon. You can follow the link and learn more about the product:

hydroponic indoor system

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