Run-To-Waste Technique

Run-To-Waste Technique

Run-to-waste technique one of the hydroponic farming techniques. Run-to-Waste or RTW is a simple concept when applied to horticulture that means exactly what it says; irrigation applied until it moves out of the root zone and is disposed of. It can also be called normal, or natural since, in the outdoors, water moves through the …

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What Is Continuous-Flow Solution Culture Technique?

As we know hydroponic system has many techniques to be used. Each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will talk about one of the most popular techniques in hydroponics which is called continuous-flow solution culture. Let’s start…. What is the definition of continuous-flow solution culture technique? Continuous flow hydroponics has …

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What is the hydroponic gardening? What are the techniques used in?

What Is The Hydroponics?

What Is The Hydroponics? Before explaining the hydroponics, we have to know how natural plants grow in normal farming.  Natural plant seeds are put in the soil and start these seeds absorb water and nutrients from the surrounding soil. Why? To generate energy to form its biosystems and start growing up. When the shoots start …

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