Big Smart Hydroponics Growing System

Big Smart Hydroponics Growing System Review

This hydroponic system is a little bit different than other indoor growing systems.

It works with dual power indoor garden kit with built-in pump and smart reminder plus 60″ climbing trellis super indoor hydroponics growing system.

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The system is easy to setup, there is guidelines and educational video on the product page.

With this smart hydroponics growing system, you can grow bigger, good for peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, climbing beans.

It can grow faster and you can get good experience and fun with it, if you grow big plants, please keep one piece only at each pot when it is around 15cm in height.

If you grow bigger one, you could even leave middle pots empty for each basin, our unit come with 150cm height climbing trellis.

Features Of Smart Hydroponics Growing System

Big Smart Hydroponics Growing System
Big Smart Hydroponics Growing System

It is dual power, easy to use, and very smart. You could choose to power it by power adaptor, or solar panel come with the unit.

When it reminds you, no need to take much care, anyone can be a good gardener.

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If you use it to grow big ones like big tomatoes, it is better to grow 2pcs each basin -total 6PCS to insure good growth.

This big hydroponics growing system could be powered both by power adaptor and Solar panel.

It has a smart control with smart sensor control the pump’s working time with different temperatures.

You could grow all year round with it, it is clean easy safe, and convenient, and one extra pump come with the unit too.

Put it where could get direct natural sunshine, it has a built-in pump for good circulation to support super growth, and a smart reminder when lack of water.

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Where To Grow This Unit?

Since it is an indoor growing system, you can put it in anywhere in the house like home, balcony, roof garden, office, kitchen.

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It only needs some sun power, so put where could get nature sunshine and watch amazing growing of plants.

Big Smart Hydroponics Growing System 

What About Product Information?

  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 7 x 7.85 inches
  • Item Weight: 9.98 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Shenzhen Dragon-Lily Ecotronic Co., Ltd.

What About Customer Review?

Because the item is still new on Amazon, there is no plenty reviews and ratings on it.

The item has 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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